The battery charger BC Pro 4S has been tested by Yamaha Motor Italia

Professional battery charger with 4 outputs - 2 Amps each

Turbo Mode for fast battery charging in workshop

Test of the battery and the alternator

Professional 4-Banks Battery Charger & Tester for Lead-Acid & Lithium Batteries

Ideal to initialize, recover, charge & test all 12V batteries (wet, gel, MF, AGM...) in workshop!

Multipurpose Charging Unit with two specific charging programs for lead-acid batteries & lithium batteries
BC Pro 4S - 4-Banks Battery Charger for motorcycle workshop
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- Multiple battery charger, 4 independent and automatic charging units with microprocessor for the initialization of new batteries, the recovery of deeply discharged batteries and the recharge of used batteries
- The three front units are equipped with a LED bar with voltmeter
- The central multipurpose unit is provided with a LCD-display with digital voltmeter and it works as a battery charger and battery & alternator tester, with two specific programs for all lead-acid batteries (wet, gel, MF, AGM, VRLA...) and for lithium-iron phosphate batteries (LFP - LiFePO4)
- Lead-Acid Program for lead-acid batteries: 8-steps charging technology, including the battery recovery (starting from 1.25 V) and desulfation. Clear indication of the time-to-end for charging and desulfation, allowing an efficient time management in workshop
- Lithium Program for LiFePO4 batteries: 7-steps charging technology + POLAR Mode, which activates when the integrated sensor detects a low ambient temperature to guarantee an effective charge in full safety
- Diagnostics: real time detection/indication of whatever anomaly
- Charging current: max 2 Amp for each unit
- Complete and fast on-board test! 2 specific procedures for testing lead-acid or lithium batteries. In just one minute, guided by the instructions on the LCD-display, the user can perform the following tests:
   1. Battery State-Of-Charge Test at rest
   2. Battery Cranking Power Test (Cranking Volts)
   3. Test of the Vehicle's Charging System (Alternator/Regulator)
At the end of the procedure, the Voltmeter Mode allows to monitor the alternator at different RPM values
- Printed report of the tests executed (optional)
- Aluminum wall mounting bracket included

BC Pro 4S incorporates the latest technology for fast initialization of new batteries and recovery / desulfation of worn out batteries within a maximum of 10/12 hours, equivalent to a day's work in the workshop. Each unit is controlled by a microprocessor, which monitors the battery parameters in real time and executes an 8-steps charging algorithm: Initialization, Recovery, Soft Charge, Bulk Charge, Desulfation, Battery Analysis, Maintenance, Equalization. For the detailed description of the charging algorithm please click here. Moreover, the unit with LCD display (output cable on the right side) features a selectable charging program for 12V lithium-iron phosphate (LFP - LiFePO4) battery care, with a 7-steps charging algorithm: Initialization, Recovery, Soft Charge, Bulk Charge, Equalization, Battery Analysis, Maintenance.
  • Initialization of new batteries
  • Recharge of used batteries
  • Fast charging - TURBO MODE
  • Lead-Acid/LiFePO4 Charging Mode Selection
BC Pro 4S is suitable for the initialization (first charge) of new batteries. Just connect the battery to one unit of BC Pro 4S and let it be recharged until the corresponding yellow LED (State of Charge: 100%) turns on or the LCD display shows the message "Battery in... desulfation", according to the unit you are using. As soon as the desulfation cycle begins, the battery is ready for use.
BC Pro 4S is the best partner for recovering and charging all 12V lead-acid batteries in your workshop. It can recover deeply discharged batteries starting from 1.25 Volt, one of the lowest levels on the market. Just connect the battery to one unit of the device: the corresponding LED bar or the LCD display (according to the unit you are using) will show the charging cycle executed as well as the battery state-of-charge. Upon charging completion, the desulfation cycle allows to bring batteries with a low/medium sulfation back to their original efficiency: the device will show the time-to-end for the desulfation phase (less than 9 hours, 6 hours or 3 hours).
In order to reduce the charging time, you can exploit the TURBO MODE of BC Pro 4S, connecting more than one unit of the device to the same battery. It is highly recommended to observe the limits indicated in the table reported on the device, according to the battery capacity/code.
The central unit of BC Pro 4S, provided with LCD display, features two different and specific charging programs for the maintenance of lead-acid batteries (including sealed and gel type) or lithium LiFePO4 batteries. The active charging mode is always visible on the LCD: to change the charging mode, it is enough to turn on and turn off the device keeping the clamps of the LCD-unit (output on the right side) in short circuit.

Clear indication of the time-to-end for desulfation, for a better time management in workshop
To allow an easy planning of the battery management in workshops, BC Pro 4S features a time-to-end indicator which informs the user about how long will it take to complete the desulfation cycle (less than 9 hours, 6 hours or 3 hours). When desulfating a battery using the unit with LCD, the time-to-end will be shown on the display, while if the battery is connected to one of the other units it can be read on the corresponding LED bar.

The unit of BC Pro 4S provided with the LCD display has also the function of tester of the battery and of the vehicle's charging system (alternator/regulator). It is enough to switch off the device and to connect the output on the right side of the device to the battery to start an automatic and complete analysis, guided step-by-step by the instructions in scrolling on the display. Please note that the battery has to be on board the vehicle and that it's not possible to use the other charging units of the device while executing the test. The testing procedure is specific for battery type (lead-acid or lithium), please check that the right program is selected before to execute the test. Otherwise, proceed as described in the above section "Lead-Acid/LiFePO4 Charging Mode Selection".
  • Battery S.O.C. Test at rest
  • Battery Cranking Power Test
  • Alternator/Regulator Test
The device measures and computes the average battery voltage at rest.
Instructions: in order to obtain a significant result, the battery has to be unused for 2 hours or more.
Results displayed on the LCD:
Battery voltage at rest
Estimate of the battery state of charge as a percentage.
The device measures the minimum battery voltage during the engine cranking and its relevant duration in milliseconds.
Instructions: crank the engine as soon as the display show the message "Start Engine". The duration of the engine cranking has to be less than 1 second.
Results displayed on the LCD:
Evaluation of the battery cranking power (excellent, good, fair, poor).
The device verifies the right functioning of the alternator/regulator, by measuring the battery voltage when the engine is running.
Instructions: run the engine at about 2500 rpm during the 30 seconds following the engine cranking.
Results displayed on the LCD:
Battery voltage while the alternator is recharging the battery
Evaluation of the operation of the charging system:
"Test successfully passed"
"Charge ok but a bit weak"
"Charge weak: please check"
"Charge high: please check"

BC Pro 4S is provided with a serial port for the connection to a professional thermal printer (optional): as the testing procedure is completed, the printer issues a receipt reporting the test results. The receipt is customizable with the company logo of the customer.

BC Pro 4S BC Pro 4S
Lead-Acid Program Lithium LiFePO4 Program
Input Voltage 120 Vac, 50÷60 Hz 120 Vac, 50÷60 Hz
Charging Voltage 13.8 V / 14.4 V - nominal 12 V 14.2 V - nominal 12 V
Charging Current 4 x 2 A max 2 A max
Charging Algorithm 8 cycles, automatic
(Initialization, Recovery, Soft Charge,
Bulk Charge, Desulfation, Battery Analysis,
Maintenance and Equalization)
7 cycles, automatic
(Initialization, Recovery, Soft Charge,
Bulk Charge, Equalization,
Battery Analysis and Maintenance)
Types of Batteries 12 V Lead Acid
(Traditional/Wet, Gel, MF, VRLA, AGM, Ca/Ca, etc.)
12 V LiFePO4
Battery Capacity From 3 Ah to 70 Ah (Charge),
up to 100 Ah (Maintenance)
From 1 Ah to 100 Ah
Operating Temperature from -20° to +50°C from -20° to +50°C

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